Sunday Ritual

March 11, 2018

We can all relate to having a busy life and having a million things on-the-go. With parents working and having to drive their children to activities is a job all on its own. Kids might be moving away for school– learning how to cook and shop for themselves for the first time. Or maybe you live alone and going through the drive-thru is the easiest choice.

It’s always good to get into a routine and stick to it! Whether you choose to do it on Sunday’s – like your Calorie Wiz team – or on a day that is convenient and works best for you. The secret to healthy living is keeping it simple, a healthy environment – if healthy food is around you, you are more inclined to grab it as your snack.

We have 2 secrets that we want to share with you!

Secret #1: Make sure you keep healthy foods on hand. It is extremely important because when we don’t have time to sit and eat a proper snack or meal – we choose foods that aren’t good for us.
Secret #2: Have a system to make sure having healthy food is always available. This comes in handy when you are coming up with your routine and ritual for the week.

Before you go out to have that moment to yourself at the grocery store, be sure to plan out your week. How busy are you? Are you running around all week? Make a menu for yourself and always be sure to stick to it. This will help you get all your nutrients in. Make your grocery list and try not to veer to much off it!

Once you are home, start prepping and cooking. Whip up a batch of lean protein. For example, grilling or roasting several chicken breasts at once or choose one pot meals that can be easily cooked in the slow cooker. And of course, wash and chop your favourite vegetables.

Good on-the-go snacks are: boiled eggs, unsalted nuts, mix with raisins or cranberries. Be sure to measure out and put in containers or zip lock bags to avoid rushing.

You can make your own meals with fresh ingredients in about the same amount of time it takes for takeout. If you do decide on takeout, choose ️WIZely when buying prepared foods, avoid cheesy fried options. Try to order steamed, broiled, or baked entrees and load up on veggies! Choose low calorie sauces, and brown rice as your sides. Wiz’s Picks offers a variety of healthy fast food options as well as ideas for healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Trying these rituals for at least 3 weeks can make a huge difference in your weight loss efforts. Let us know if these rituals have helped you!