What's In Your Kitchen

June 21, 2018

Let’s talk about what you should have in your kitchen to make cooking easy and fun! Of course, a stove, oven and fridge are needed but that’s not all you need! Check out our list of recommended kitchen essentials to make cooking easy!


It’s convenient to have a variety of sizes of bowls - small, medium and large. The smallest bowls can hold up to one cup or less, this is perfect for beating an egg or holding an ingredient to mixed in a recipe! You will find some big bowls at the store – these may not be needed on a regular basis but come in handy when hosting a party or cooking more than 1 batch of cookies! There’s different types of bowls, some prefer glass over stainless steel and vice versa. If you prefer glass bowls, try to look for a bowl that has features like measurement markings, lids, or pour spouts! If you prefer stainless steel, try to pick ones that are less likely to react with food.


Knives are an essential part of everyday cooking, whether you’re cutting up vegetables or peeling potatoes, a knife is always needed. A paring knife is a small but very sharp knife used for peeling, trimming, coring, or garnishing. This type of knife is used most with fruits and vegetables. A tip for this knife is to keep the blade as sharp as possible because the sharper the knife, the cleaner the cut. The second knife you should have is serrated knife. This knife has a toothlike edge and is perfect for cutting foods that are hard on the outside, but soft in the inside; a perfect example is bread. Next knife is your chef’s knife – this one is the most important one! The longer the edge makes the knife more versatile and efficient. The more blade you have, the more knife you have to work with!


Measuring cups and spoons are essential to follow any recipe or even portioning out your meals. Who knew that 1 cup of cereal was that small?


These are great for saving leftovers, or keeping ingredients like chopped veggies fresh and ready to toss in any dish. Airtight containers keep food from drying out, getting soggy, developing freezer burn and absorbing other odors. Sets of all sizes are useful for storing foods of all sorts.


These include, blender, slow cooker, rice cooker, hand mixer, BBQ, and a food processor. Blenders are essential for everyday tasks like making blended drinks, morning smoothies or even milkshakes. Blenders are good for crushing ice, grinding grains or cooking custards. It is a powerful machine that is easy to clean and maintain!


This includes a skillet, sauté pan, large soup pot, roasting pan, square baking dish, and baking sheet. A set of cookware is essential and good quality ones are sure to last you a long time! It will prevent your food from sticking or burning your meal.


Lastly, a kitchen always needs the following accessories, spatula, tongs, can opener, peeler, whisk, potato masher, kitchen shears, cutting board, salad spinner, ladle, large spoon, and large slotted spoon.

Let's start cooking!