Jennifer's Weight Loss Journey

July 12, 2018
Jennifer Before and After losing weight

Jennifer was looking for a calorie counter to help her lose weight. CalorieWiz inspired Jennifer to eat everything she wanted but only in moderation. She quickly realized the power of portion control. "The best thing about CalorieWiz is the barcode scanner. It’s an easy and convenient way to input your foods into your diary” says Jennifer.

Jennifer describes the many advantages of using CalorieWiz and how it helped her become a healthier person. She talks about the fact that she doesn’t need to diet to achieve her weight loss goals. I love that CalorieWiz doesn’t control what I eat but rather how much I should eat. I can still eat whatever I want and still meet my weight loss goals. There is truly no diet involved when using CalorieWiz” says Jennifer.

Jennifer’s original goal was to lose 15 pounds and she surpassed that by losing 20 pounds. She has set a new goal of losing another 10 pounds and only has 8 more to go! A few other features that Jennifer loves is that she can add any meal into her favourites and is just a click away to inputting it into her diary. She does not need to input the foods all over again. She also loves Wiz’s Picks; if she doesn’t know what she wants to eat, she can choose from over 120+ meals.

Jennifer is a real fan of CalorieWiz. In her words,

“I don’t even feel like I am dieting. It really is an easy app to use to become a healthier person and meet your weight loss goals.”

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