Calorie Wiz Is On Indiegogo

March 15, 2018

We have some exciting new developments coming but we need YOUR help!

We are looking to grow CalorieWiz user base and bring it to Android. With your support, we will expand the global reach of CalorieWiz.

A simple app designed to make weight loss easy!

1. Take our smart survey to determine your weight loss goals

2. Search and select the foods you want to eat

3. CalorieWiz will calculate your portions for you to meet your goals

4. Lose weight!

Sabrina started using CalorieWiz after her first pregnancy, where she gained 65 pounds. She could not imagine how she was going to get back to her pre-baby weight, but SHE DID! CalorieWiz was quick and easy for her to use, all she had to do was tell CalorieWiz what she wanted to eat, and it told her how much of each item. Her favourite features are the barcode scanner and Wiz's Picks.

Jennifer has lost 16 pounds using CalorieWiz. She started using CalorieWiz as a way to stay active, lose weight and become a healthier person. It is easy and fun for Jennifer to use on a daily basis. She enjoys that it allows her to eat the foods she loves, without having to cut out sugars or carbs, but rather help her portion them out!

Jane started using CalorieWiz a few months ago and was able to lose 17 pounds. She finds CalorieWiz user friendly and the app helps her control her portions. She is able to eat anything she wants. It's not only for people looking to lose weight, but great for maintaining your weight too!

Mark, creator and co-founder of CalorieWiz, started his weight loss journey 7 years ago, when he weighed 222lbs. He mapped out his weight loss plan, which consisted of 30-40 minutes of exercise 5 times per week and only eating healthy foods. He noticed that his weight loss was minimal, with only 4-5 pounds in the first month.

He soon discovered that it wasn’t the quality of food you put in your body, it’s calories in vs. calories out that achieves your weight loss goals.

Mark decided to count calories and no longer follow a restrictive diet. The results were immediate, within the first 2 weeks, he was able to lose 5 lbs, and in total lost 52 lbs.

He was asked how he lost his weight, and he responded "it’s simple, calories in vs. calories out. Start logging and measuring your foods and you will achieve the same outcome." Many people started but gave up quickly due to complicated databases, not knowing what to eat and the amount of time and effort it takes to plan your day around eating.

All this led to creating the world's newest and most revolutionary weight loss app, called CalorieWiz, that counts calories for you!

It would be greatly appreciated if you considered contributing!