Fit At 50 - What Motivates You?

April 1, 2018

Some people say, “what’s the use of getting or staying in shape unless you are looking for love?

We hear this all the time - single women (separated or divorced) looking for a partner are motivated, because they want to feel their best to find love. But after you’ve been married a long time, some people have given up – or some might say they’ve thrown in the towel. There are so many questions that could be asked to answer the question why: Is it because they have been married a long time? Is menopause to blame? They just can’t be bothered? I’m 50 now, who am I trying to impress? Is it loneliness? Is it too expensive? Is it too much work? Whatever it may be, these are ALL EXCUSES ladies! It’s time to take care of YOURSELF! That’s your motivation! The following information will not only help our married girls, widows, single girls, but will also help anyone-everyone who needs a little help getting motivated to kick-start their 50s, 60s and beyond!

Unless Health and Fitness has been inbreeded in your brain, or its your passion, it can be difficult to start and stay with a program. I am 56 years young, fitness and nutrition has always been an important part of my life and I continue to work hard to stay in shape, by eating healthy and lately trying new skin care regimes to slow the aging process down. Why? I do it for me, it makes me feel good and sets a good example for my children and grand-child.

I will admit, there are some days it would be easy to give up, and I ask myself why I put myself through this. My husband loves me no matter what, right? Yes, he does, but most importantly I have to love and take care of myself, so I can take care of the people that I love. It is not selfish or vain, it is selfless. When you fly, the first thing the flight attendants say to do in case of emergency is to put your mask on first, then the ones you love.

All women should take some time for themselves and do things they LOVE. If getting your hair, make-up or nails done, makes you happy – then do it! Put aside a little bit of money and time for just YOU! I take time for myself by going to the gym, getting my hair done, taking care of my skin, and eating healthy - doing what makes me happy.

Here are some healthy tips to help you stay happy in your 50s, 60s and beyond. Being in your 60s doesn’t mean senior, if you think as yourself as old, you will act old- 50s and 60s are the prime of your life, believe in a holistic approach to fitness. Have a positive, excited outlook on life and believe in your heart and soul that you can improve yourself through nutrition and exercise.

Here are 10 tips for getting, staying fit and healthy after the age of 50.

#1 Find a passion – retirement is just around the corner! Find your passion and make it a part of your life so when you retire you can totally immerse yourself in it. When you find your passion, you will notice your energy levels increase, your mood is better, you sleep better, and you are just excited about life.

#2 Volunteer – I love to volunteer! Find a cause that makes you happy. Volunteers, often seem to get just as much or more out of the charity than the people being helped. Find something that takes advantage of your unique talents.

#3 Read – Keep your brain engaged! Reading is a great for many reasons, but mainly because It makes you think, keeps the brain young, reduces stress, reduces risk for Alzheimer’s. Read a variety of books - choose books that are fun "brain-candy". If you don't like to read, try puzzles, crosswords, cards, board games. Choose an activity that makes your brain overload.

#4 Find your retirement sport – It's important to find a sport you like, hopefully by now you have. There are so many to choose from: bowling, golf, dancing, zumba, yoga, thai-chi, stretching, hiking, cycling, walking; just make sure it’s age appropriate and at your fitness level.

#5 Nutrition – Try to stay away from all processed foods. Water is your best friend, as well as, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, seafood. Need some breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas – check out CalorieWiz – there are over 160+ suggested meals in Wiz’s Picks.

#6 Strength training – Try to make strength training part of our daily life. What good is it living to 90 if you can’t enjoy doing the things you like. Many gyms are now implementing older adult work-outs and there are many workouts available on DVDs. Invite some friends over to join you and make it a fun social event. Being strong helps you have a higher quality of life, live longer, makes you feel and look younger and most importantly, keeps you doing the things you love to do.

#7 Cardio – Make cardio a daily habit. Cardiovascular health is so important. If you have never done before, start taking short walks twice daily. Need motivation – get a dog! Before starting a new exercise routine, it is important to get checked by your doctor.

#8 Get your sleep – Sleep deprivation has many problems associated with it such as, reduce reaction time, fogginess, decreased ability of concentrate, and increased bodyfat. Some people say to get rid of alarms clocks, and that it is best to wake up naturally, when your body has had enough sleep.

#9 – How to wake up naturally? Go to bed 10-12 hours before you must go to work or wake up and don’t set the alarm clock. Wake up naturally, when your body is ready, this may take some time but it works. You will wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

#10 – Take control - You are the only one that can take control of your life! CalorieWiz is here to help and guide you with - healthy weight and nutrition. Remember to exercise, get good sleeps, surround yourself with positivity, and most importantly have fun!

Ask yourself, what motivates you? The answer should be YOU!