Carolina's Story

May 31, 2018

Right when you start to think it’s impossible, CalorieWiz makes it happen!

Carolina lost over 80lbs from the 100lbs she gained from her first pregnancy.

“During my first pregnancy I gained very close to 100lbs. I am quite proud of my progress in 8 short months losing about 80lbs. CalorieWiz allowed me to eat everything I was used to eating prior to getting pregnant and gave me great meal ideas while staying within my daily calorie count. I don't feel like I am on a diet when I use CalorieWiz. It teaches me how to manage my meals and live a healthy and well-balanced life. Although I am not where I want to be yet, the progress I have made thus far is enough to start celebrating!”

Can you describe CalorieWiz as if I knew nothing about it?

CalorieWiz is an app that you can use to help portion out your main course meals and snacks. When you register; there is a couple questions for you to answer. This helps the portioning out of foods that’s based on your answers. The amount of calories per meal and per day are specific to your body, activity level and how quickly you hope to reach your goal. CalorieWiz does not tell you what to eat but rather the quantity that you should eat. This application does not limit your food to anything, rather it provides endless possibilities of your favourite food and cravings.

What inspired you to use CalorieWiz instead of other calorie counters?

CalorieWiz is different than other apps or weight loss programs because it tells you the quantities you should eat of that specific food and takes into account the entire day. Other apps wait for you to tell them the quantity you are going to eat, and by the end of the day, the calorie count for the day would be over.

CalorieWiz not only tracks your food intake for the day but there recipes and food ideas are fast, simple and use ingredients that are common and repetitive.

What was your goal? Were you able to meet your goal? Do you have any specific goals for the rest of the year?

I started using CalorieWiz in my day to day life about 8 months ago. As of today, I have yet to reach my ultimate goal, but it’s a work in progress. But I have lost about 80lbs out of the 100lbs I gained during my first pregnancy.

To me, it isn’t about the number. It’s about feeling great in your body, and CalorieWiz has done just that. It has given me the ability to continue to eat and love my sweets with portioning out my intake more effectively. I am starting to feel like myself again.

My goal for the rest of the year is to fit into my pre-baby jeans and shorts.

What is your favourite CalorieWiz feature?

Definitely have two:

1. The barcode is the ABSOLUTE best. Rather than searching and typing, scanning products that have a barcode makes it so convenient to calculate your portions.

2. Do you have favourite meals or snacks? CalorieWiz allows you to have favourites. Saves so much time in the morning when I make my morning smoothie. With a click of a button, my custom smoothie is in my calculated calories ready for the day.

What is your favourite thing about CalorieWiz in general?

My favourite thing about CalorieWiz is how user friendly it is. It has a great menu that makes the app so easy to navigate. It provides meal and snack ideas.

CalorieWiz does not make you feel like you are on a diet, rather it helps to balance your meals on portions that will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

The added bonus is their social media pages are so useful and informative as well!

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