Drinking Your Calories

April 6, 2018

The most common mistake we all make is forgetting that we drink our calories, so we forget to add them into our diary on CalorieWiz. It’s ok - we’re guilty of this too. It could be that we are just unaware that drinking has calories. Liquid calories include juice, soda and yes, even alcohol. Our bodies don't necessarily detect them the same way as it would detect solid food. Just be sure to include everything you consume into CalorieWiz so that it can calculate your portions to meet your daily goals!

We've outlined some common daily drinks that may surprise you just how many calories they have! Did you know…?

    8oz. Glass of 2% Milk - 122 calories – Fat 5g – Carbs 12g – Protein 8g

8oz. Glass of Orange Juice - 117 Calories – Fat 0g – Carbs 28g – Protein 2g

8oz. Glass of Cranberry Juice - 107 Calories – Fat 0g – Carbs 26g – Protein 1g

    8oz. Cup of Coffee with 1 tbsp. Cream + 1 tbsp. Sugar - 102 Calories – Fat 5g – Carbs 13g – Protein 1g

1 Can of Soda (12 fl oz.) - 155 Calories – Fat 1g – Carbs 38g – Protein 0

16oz. Latte - 189 Calories – Fat 7g – Carbs 19g – Protein 12g

5oz. Glass of Wine - 122 Calories – Fat 0g – Carbs 4g – Protein 0g

1 Bottle of Beer - 153 Calories – Fat 0g – Carbs 13g – Protein 2g

1 Shot of Spirit - 97 Calories – Fat 0g – Carbs 0g – Protein 0g

All those liquid calories add up very quickly. Most people forget to incorporate their liquid calories to their daily caloric intake and wonder why they are not losing any weight. A calorie is a calorie, whether you chew it or drink it.

Now that you are aware of the calories that are in certain drinks, try to make some small tweaks and you’ll notice the world of a difference. Switch to low fat or fat free milk, choose water instead sugary juices, pick soda water instead of regular soda. Not much of a water drinker? Add lemon/lime, cucumber or berries to water. Consider alcohol a treat and limit yourself to a glass of wine or cocktail only occasionally. Choose ️WIZly, lose weight, and feel great!